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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not cooperating...

Ubuntu, sugar-jhbuild, and Vmware Fusion are not cooperating.  And it's pissing me off.

First, I tried to use the old sugar-jhbuild from before the drive corruption, because I had the actual files stored on the Mac filesystem (accessed in Ubuntu via the Shared Folders featured in VMWare).  For whatever reason, that didn't work.  Okay, I can accept that.

Next, I tried to simply './sugar-jhbuild update' and './sugar-jhbuild build' on the existing installation.  I let that run overnight.  No dice.

So I started out with a fresh copy, via git.  After 'update' passed, 'build' decided that it would freeze the VM, resulting in me having to hard-reboot (because the VMWare process would not quit via Force Quit or sudo kill).

Now I am rebuilding sugar-jhbuild *again*, and it's deciding that it's going to take its dandy time.  Literally.  I've given the VM 512MB of RAM and access to both processors, and it's sitting at about 20% utilization.  In addition to that, the VM is completely unresponsive -- which is intereseting, because it is supposedly (according to Activity Monitor in OSX) -- not really doing anything.

This whole incident is becoming very frustrating.  I can't test any of the 'nose' code that I've written, because none of the Sugar libraries are available/working under Leopard, which means that anything that's Sugar-dependent (read: everything) refuses to run on Python under OSX.

In order to see if I could expedite things, I went the 'apt' route with precreated Sugar packages and emulator.  I figured I'd just run the sugar-jhbuild process in the background, and work around it until it was done building.  As I mentioend before, the VM is completely unresponsive... to the point that I'm considering just creating a new VM (yet again...).  Of course, I know that won't really solve anything, because Ubuntu runs just fine until it gets a few minutes into the sugar-jhbuild process.

I should very shortly have access to a shiny new Dell workstation (as part of my UH project) that will have Ubuntu on it.  Hopefully that will yield better results.

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