sugarbot's aim is to provide testing and automation facilities for the OLPC Project's Sugar GUI. The project must first identify and evaluate possible implementation options, and then implement the best choice. Although it has a Sugar focus, sugarbot should be easily extensible to other Python-based GUI's.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Changes

Some extremely large changes today. The old system has been completely removed (all of the manual-parsing stuff) and replaced with the native Python stuff. I have most of the stuff for buildbot reporting in place, but have not finished it yet. I need to re-do a bunch of the nose-testing stuff tonight before I get too far along.

For comparison, here is the first demo script. Much easier to use, less error-prone, and is overall actually useful.

sugarActivityName = 'Calculate'

def sugarbot_main(widgets):
one = widgets['1']
plus = widgets['+']
enter = widgets['enter']

widgets['TextEntry'].text = "1+5"
assert widgets['TextEntry'].text == '1+5'

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