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Monday, May 12, 2008

How to Install VMware Tools on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 under VMware Fusion

Well, after spending far too much time trying to figure this all out, here is the cure:

And on another note, I've got SVN working with TextMate.

All this reading has made me realize how badly I need my glasses. I'm soooo glad I'm getting contacts tomorrow. And the "Mapping Lists" feature of Python is voodoo magic. Why does this not exist in C++? (And how did I go for so long without it?

>>> li = [1, 9, 8, 4]
>>> [elem*2 for elem in li]
[2, 18, 16, 8]
>>> li
[1, 9, 8, 4]
>>> li = [elem*2 for elem in li]
>>> li
[2, 18, 16, 8]

So I've got
li = [elem*2 for elem in li]

for(int i=0; i< li.size(); i++) li[i]*=2;

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