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Friday, May 16, 2008

More kiwi.ui.test

I've been looking through kiwi.ui.test since I woke up this morning, and I think I have a reasonable grasp on what a lot of the code does.  A kiwi.ui.test class, WidgetIntrospecter, seems to perform the bulk of the functionality that I'm interested in.  It looks like it's able to function like it does, because it [1] inherits from gobject.GObject, and [2] calls event_handler_set() on one of its methods.  That method then gets to see all of the events that fly around inside of GDK, and then it hands that event off to gtk.main_do_event().  According to the API documentation, that function allows you to force GTK to act on a single event.

The kiwi-specific code seems to be extremely minimal (in WidgetIntrospecter, anyways), so I'm going to play around with the class for a bit, and see if I can get it to run without any 'import kiwi' calls.

*If anybody would care to explain when it is proper to use GDK versus GTK, it would be greatly appreciated.  I'd prefer to not look like an idiot when talking to someone more savvy :-). 

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